1. AIM 3000 Coiler - Configured for Garage Door Spring Production

    Spring Coiling System for Garage Door Spring Production

    Automated Industrial Motion (AIM), located in Western Michigan, offers a complete line of CNC spring coiling equipment. Independent spring coilers and complete turnkey systems for a variety of industries are both available. One of AIM’s particular…

  2. Producting Jewelry Rings with the AIM 100

    The AIM 100 CNC Coiler – Chainmaille Rings and Other Products for the Jewelry Industry

    Manufacturing Chainmaille Rings with the AIM 100 The Automated Industrial Motion (AIM) 100 CNC coiler can be configured to produce chainmaille rings, and many other types of rings, for the jewelry industry.  It can be programmed…

  3. Magazine springs

    Producing Magazine Springs for Stainless Steel Belts

    Automated Industrial Motion’s (AIM) 1000 Coiler is a spring coiling machine capable of producing a magazine style-spring that can be used in the stainless steel belting industry. Magazine springs are best known for their applications in…

  4. AIM 100 - Pneumatic Coiler - Stress Relief System

    AIM 100 Pneumatic Coiler for On-Demand Spring Production

     The AIM 100 pneumatic coiler is an excellent solution for on-demand spring production. More cost effective than a CNC-controlled spring coiler, the AIM 100 pneumatic coiler can be calibrated to produce your spring when you need…