Automated Industrial Motion specializes in spring coiling and wire forming machine solutions. In addition to our eight standard CNC Spring Coiling machines, we specialize in custom wire coiling and wire forming equipment for applications where standard equipment is not commercially available or where we can offer competitive advantage through higher run rates, quicker setups/changeovers, better quality’ and elimination of secondary operations.

Machine requirements may start with a quick sketch or might involve a complete set of customer specifications. Machine concepts are developed with 3D Solid Works design software and a budgetary proposal is developed.

Provided the project and corresponding capital equipment investment makes economic sense, a detailed proposal is developed. Extensive projects may include three project phases including product development, machine design, and machine build. All projects generally include tooling, setup and runoff using SPC and capability testing.


Tool Room and Equipment

tool room and equipment

Product and Process Development

product and process development, spring coiling and wire forming equipment, automated industrial motion

























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